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Ecofan™ 2 Blade Non-Electric Stove Top Fan

The Ecofan generates its own electricity through the difference in temperature.
$135.00 $125.00

Fireplace Smoke Guard

Fireplaces will often smoke because the fireplace opening is too large in relation to the chimney flue. This occurs particularly when warm weather reduces chimney draft. HY-C's Smoke Guard will quickly and economically solve this problem.
$64.99 $56.19

Hearth Country Firewood Moisture Meter

The Hearth Country Firewood Moisture Meter is an easy, fast way to determine the moisture content in your firewood - no more guessing!
$42.99 $37.59

Newspaper Log Roller - Antique Brass Finish

Now you can roll up your old newspapers for burning in the fireplace.
$89.99 $79.99

Old Fashioned Grill popper

8" diameter Steel Pan with 19" Handle. Bring back nostalgic times with this old fashioned grill popper.
$31.99 $27.99

Rainbow Flame Crystals

A granular mixture of crystals that makes flames in a beautiful panorama of long-lasting green and blue colors.
$8.29 $7.89

Stove & Pipe Thermometer

Accuracy, durability and quality. These are just three of the features of the Stove pipe and Surface Thermometer.
$15.99 $12.99

Tjernlund Auto-Draft Draft Inducer

Draft inducers are electrically operated devices which increase the air flow up a chimney. This action increases the negative pressure (draft) in the stove, preventing smoke from leaking out of pipe, seams or doors.
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Wrought Iron Damper Pull

15" Wrought Iron Damper Pull
$21.99 $18.70